Over the years Lise has exhibited her art in several nations around the world, including the Netherlands, Australia and the USA. Many of her art works are actually created in a live setting, while seminars are presented. As the atmosphere and her surroundings inspire her, she creates images that connect the message and theme presented with the public. Besides creating art on location, Lise works on commissioned art as well as creating her own body of work, which has been exhibited in different locations.

  • 2017 rokuku

    Roßwälden Zentum, Ebersbach an der Fils, BW, Germany

  • Every 3 years artists from Rosswaelden join together to put on this great event, drawing over 2000 people from the Stuttgart area. Lise was a participating artist exhibiting 5 art works, painted over the last 12 years. 

  • 2013 Licht

    Merritt's Store and Grill, Chapel Hill, North Carolina, USA

  • "Licht” Dutch and German (Trans.) Light

    Def. 1 noun: Something that makes vision possible

    Def. 2 adjective: Of little weight; not heavy

    The Licht Exhibition is a culmination of Art work painted by Lise while living in the USA. Each work includes the symbol of light in a specific, but varied approach.

    The location of this exhibition was not an ordinary gallery. Through her connections, Lise was invited to exhibit her body of work named "Licht" at Merritt's Bar & Grill in Chapel Hill. Now famous for it's delicious BLT sandwiches, Merritt's Bar & Grill used to be an old gas station, which was transformed into a popular local restaurant. People from all backgrounds would pop in and pick up their favorite treat.

    The opening night of the Licht exhibition was held on Valentine's Day of 2013, celebrated with special entertainment from local Artists and delicious treats. The atmosphere was light and it truly was an evening filled with friendship, enjoyed by all who were present. A number of the artworks were sold including Licht, Tree of Life and Running.

  • 2008 ~ 2009 Wilhelmina kerk

    Wilhelmina Church, Dordrecht, Zuid-Holland, The Netherlands

  • The exhibition at the Wilhelmina Church was held from December into the new year, drawing many visitors. Filling the church with visual images besides the beautiful Nativity scene that was set up it drew the attention of both local and regional news papers and two articles were published about the exhibition.

  • 2007 Solo Exhibition

    CCC Gallery, Oxford Falls, NSW, Australia

  • This Solo Exhibition was hosted in the church gallery of Christian City Church on the Northern Beaches of Australia and includes paintings from the “Dispositions” Exhibition. Artworks exhibited included Conversation, Solitude, Cheese on Toast and Comfort.

  • 2007 Cheese on Toast

    Persia Belle Café, Collaroy Plateau, Sydney, NSW, Australia

  • Cheese on Toast is a culmination of different works exhibited elsewhere. This time the body of work was exhibited in a quaint Cafe on the Northern Beaches of Sydney, Australia.

    An interesting side note about this exhibition is that the café customers started asking for cheese on toast for their lunch as they were inspired by the art...even though it was not offered on the menu. A number of art pieces were sold during the exhibition, one of which the painting Cheese on Toast.

  • 2005 Recover

    C2 Connection Centre, Silverwater, NSW, Australia

  • The meaning behind the title of this exhibition Recover diverts in two directions, but remain closely connected. The first is to find restoration after trauma. The second is as to “re- cover” and cover an object again after it has already been "covered" previously.

    Many of the works of this exhibition have been wrapped in many layers of paint or other media coating. The body of work created for this exhibition started for me with Psalm 91. A psalm that speaks of finding safety in the shadow of the Almighty and being covered and kept safe there. Using mostly mixed media, all encompassing art pieces carry a degree of layering, be it with gold leaf, oil paints or other media.

  • 2004 Dispositions

    Glen Street Theatre, Frenchs Forest, Sydney, NSW, Australia

  • Chairs are the main topic of the body of work presented in this exhibition. From a perspective of looking at objects with character, paying attention to the history they carry, the marks of their handling, signs of places they have been and what and who they have belonged to and were used by.

    Then taking this "looking" one step further: what feelings do these objects evoke, represent and what do they feel and experience?

  • 2004 ~ 2005 Cheese on Toast

    God & the City, Sydney, NSW, Australia

  • This exhibition is a culmination of work, which was painted by the artist in Australia in 2004. Some of the works exhibited here were also part of the "dispositions" exhibition.
    As Lise enjoyed her breakfast one morning before heading off to her art class she was inspired to do something with the view she observed and the colors she so enjoyed.. Hence the tile of this large piece of art and name for the exhibition: Cheese on Toast.

  • 2004 Instill

    Oxford Falls, Oxford Falls, NSW, Australia

  • Instill was an installation, purposed to invite people on a pilgrimage to move from a busy life into a place of stillness and rest.

    The installation encompassed a room with black walls, floor and ceiling. White veils attached from ceiling to floor forming a maze which the viewer is invited to enter. On a journey to the centre of the art installation the viewer found a fire place with candles and blank pieces of paper with pens. As they read the following words: "Come to me all who are heavy laden and I will give you rest" an invitation was presented for the viewer to write down the burdens they were carrying.

    As the viewer continues the journey they found a big basin with water which was lit up. In this place of encounter, the opportunity to let go and leave their notes on a tray in the centre of the basin was presented. A chance of letting go of the things that had kept them from entering into rest.

  • 1999, 2003, 2004, 2005 & 2007 Selected Group Exhibitions

    The Netherlands, Australia, Eindhoven, Noord-Brabant, Netherlands

  • These selected group exhinbitions were located in Eindhoven, the Netherlands, Sydney and other local cities in Australia. The themes presented at these exhibitions bringing the artwork of a numer of artists together varied from location to location. From student exhibitions in educational institutions to exhibitions in church buidlings and public settings these exhibitions were always brought to an interesting whole.