First Entry: Beauty

Lise Krueger | Wednesday November 12, 2014

Beauty is important to us, it brings life, it makes us stop, it makes us think as it does something to the soul. I believe that without it we should and, dare I say, we cannot live.

One of my favourite stories is the story of Mary Poppins. I once had a dear friend say to me: “Lise, you are like a Mary Poppins. When the winds blew all of a sudden she was picked up and taken from one place to another.... She never knew where the wind would take her or when the winds would start to blow…"

I feel this is true for my life as I have relocated myself a number of times, but it is also valid towards the creative process. Creative flow is something wonderful. We notice something of beauty, a point of interest. We process it and translate the spark of interest into something that flows from our heart. And then…the reward is even better: an art piece that carries something of our heart, something of beauty.

As Mary Poppins said: “A thing of beauty is a joy forever.”

And in this light, if there is anything you would take with you for today, may it be that you give yourself a moment to enjoy something of beauty. To linger in it…even just a little bit. And then, walk away with a smile on your face.